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Malco Modes and Lady V London's Tulle Slip Review

Posted on 01 August 2016



First of all, if you've not heard of Malco Modes before, it's time to check them out at http://www.malcomodes.biz/


The 3 styles reviewed in the video were Jennifer (in bubblegum pink, retailing at USD59.99), Madeline (in Red, retailing at USD64.99) and Michelle (in white, retailing at USD74.99). They are many more colours available on their website so do head over to take a look!


I heard about Malco Modes from a few bloggers in the modern retro circle such as Ms Amy May, Miss Victory Violet and June Bugs and Georgia Peaches. You may head over to read their reviews and comparison with other brands of tulle slips as well.

They were all raving about Malco Modes so I had to order them myself and find out for myself if they're all fluff. They are, by the way, and it's an awesome thing because we're talking about tulle slips here.

I've done a comparison in terms of volume against the tulle slip that I am currently selling at Shopbluebelle (available in black and white, retailing at SGD34) and also one that I bought from Lady V London.

In terms of volume, these pictures should speak for themselves. Do note that the tulle slips currently sold on Shopbluebelle cannot be layered up due to the inner lining but for Malco Modes' that's absolutely possible.


Bardot Off Shoulder Dress

This is Bardot Off Shoulder Dress, made with Bengaline that's imported from The UK and would be available in Black and Red from size UK 6 to UK18 soon!

Here, it's worn without any tulle slips.


Bardot Off Shoulder Dress With Lady V London Petticoat

In this picture, it's worn with Lady V London's tulle slip and I know you'd try to scroll up and down a few times to spot the difference and ended up being confused because you can't find much other than the fact that I look like I've fallen asleep in this picture.


Bardot Off Shoulder Dress worn with Malco Modes' Jennifer Petticoat

This is worn with our in house's tulle slip.


Shopbluebelle's tulle slip

Jennifer is apparently Malco Modes' best seller and I could definitely see why. Personally, i am not a fan of pink but it was the first one that caught my eye because of the ruffles at the hem and seemed to be made of the most comfortable material.

The other two has stiff tulle which made them more voluminous but a little less comfortable in comparison.

This tulle slip is suitable to be layered up to add more oomph and volume.


Bardot Off Shoulder Dress worn with Malco Modes' Madeline petticoat

I've never seen a tulle slip this big. Madeline is perfect for those who wants volume without the hassle of buying two Jennifer tulle slips (of same colour, because I'd prefer to have the same colour than to have multicolour petticoats beneath my dress) to layer up.


Bardot Off Shoulder Dress worn with Malco Modes' Michelle petticoat

I was warned that some dresses cannot even accommodate this tulle slip but I think that Michelle is ideal for pre-wedding photoshoot, wedding, and events where you would like to stand out.



That's all!

I do intend to open a pre-order for the Malco Modes tulle slips so that I can share the shipping fee with you girls. Will be charging SGD10 per piece for shipping from USA to Singapore on top of the retail price on their website.

Let me know if any of you are interested. Either drop me a comment down below or e-mail me at info@shopbluebelle.com!

See you all next time!

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1 comment

  • MiraMe: March 24, 2017

    Hi, thanks for your review! I want to buy a malco modes petticoat for my Hell Bunny Miss Muffet skirt. I am looking at the Madeline because I want a lot of oomph but not as much as what the Michelle has. I am concerned about the length of the madeline, because I saw suggestions that the Miss Muffet skirt should be worn with a 25inch petticoat and the madeline is 21inches. Will it be too short? I am 5ft7, I have the skirt in size S and it hits me at the knees.

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